White Dragon Press - eBooks & Videos on Alternative Physics & Energies

I support the very useful work that Aaron Murikami's White Dragon Press does in the fields of alternative energy and physics, together with the annual conference that they hold each year in Spokane, Washington, USA.  I have ordered and seen a number of the videos and books, but there are in plenty which I can't give a personal review of as I have not seen them. Each one I have ordered always had very useful information in them in the topics they cover; most of the time that information isn't available from anywhere else, as the inventors use the WDP as their way of getting some remuneration for all their work that they do in these fields. All the ones I do have show a short review below the item. You can order them from here, as I am an affiliate, or directly from the White Dragon Press websites, both at the same prices and discounts.

Clicking on any link below will take you to the White Dragon webpage giving a full explanation for that ebook/video. 

Home Energy Savings Guide

Contains a bunch of very practical steps to save energy usage in the home and the office.  I don't know of another guide that covers such a broad number of ideas in this area. 

Dynaflux Alternator Package by Jim Murray

The Extraliminal Transmission Systems of Tesla and Alex Anderson

The Plasma Impulse Motor of Aaron Murikami

Classic Energy Videos 

The Bedini SG - Beyond the Advanced Handbook

How to build a small jet but very efficient jet engine by Aaron Murikami

Plasma Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murikami

Aaron has done a lot of work on plasma ignitions over the years, producing much larger and more intense sparks without any degeneration of the spark plug for both older and newer types of ignition systems on petrol/gasoline powered vehicles. These systems do increase power output and significant fuel efficiency gains when used. The ease or difficulty in incorporating them in existing ignition systems will vary by the model. 
Water Fuel Secrets by Aaron Murikami

Magnetic Implosion Transformer by Graham Gunderson 

Real Rain Making by Trevor Constable

Jim Murray Patent Collection

Jim Murray Lab Tour

The Secret of Nikola Tesla's Power Magnification

Magnetic Secrets by Peter Lindemann

Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator by Jim Murray

The Quantum Key by Aaron Murikami

This is a fundamental look at physics and simply the 'way things work' from the standpoint of aether physics. It also looks at some of the assumptions of both quantum physics and relativity objectively - and is able to effectively dismiss them. It also looks at the tenets of the laws of thermodynamics, and presents the precepts of non-equilibrium thermodynamics for which Ilya Prigogne won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977, which seems a much better predictor of experimental results as experienced by free energy investigators.

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann

Battery Rejuvenation by Peter Lindemann

Lessons in Advanced Perception by Peter Lindemann (the writings of Harold Schroeppel)

An excellent ebook on developing your own perception - your senses and mind both from a conventional and extrasensory aspect, from Harold Schroeppel from the 1950's. Harold was a fascinating character who paid for research on a number of ESP siddhis and then went about developing means to advance those personally. Very practical from the aspects of interfacing with people and the Universe. Highly recommended.

A Course in Mind Power

A really comprehensive collection of ebooks and a video concerning how to increase mind power and also meet your goals, and increase your mental and physical energy with advanced and highly original Chi Gung techniques. From personal experience increasing your chi energy, and raising its quality, will increase your health from the combination of mental, physical and spiritual perspectives. These can replace a whole bunch of expensive courses from a number of different self improvement movements and teachers. The following authors are included: Aaron Murikami, Napoleon Hill, Bulwer-Lytton, Charles Haanel and William S. Burroughs.  
Battery Secrets and Battery Rejuvenation Pack by Peter Lindemann

Magentic Energy Secrets Part 1 by Paul Babcock
Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 2 by Paul Babcock

Perpetual Motion Reality by Peter Lindemann

A video presentation on perpetual motion as a recent Energy Conference. Peter shows a number of real examples of perpetual motion, and presents some operating principles that perpetual motion machines could be built on.
Open System Thermodynamics by Peter Lindemann
Advanced Motor Secrets 
Babcock DC Motor Disclosure 
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor by Mark McKay 
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor by Mark McKay Part 2 
Bedini SG - The Complete Beginners Manual  
Bedini SG - The Complete Advanced Handbook 
Bedini SG - The Complete Intermediate Handbook 
 Open System Physics and Thermodynamics by Mike Waters
Bedini SG - The Complete Handbook Series Trilogy
Cold Electricity by Aaron Murakami  
Cold electricity can be defined as voltage without amperage or amperage without voltage. Aaron is shown in a video on this subject from a recent Energy Conference. A full granted patent of a device operating on cold electricity is included, as well as circuits and photos of non-patented devices that operate with it. 
Teslas Radiant Energy 
Teslas Hidden Discoveries
Electric Motor Secrets 1  
Electric Motor Secrets 2

Electric Motor Secrets Full 3 Video Set  
Teslas Ideal Flying Machine by William R Lyne

Four Quadrant Representation Video  
Wireless Giant of the Pacific
Lone Pine Writings by Eric Dollard
The Lone Pine Writings provide the theory and rules behind the alternative physics of electricity as discovered by Dollard, Lindemann and others. If you are thinking of doing inventing or research and need to know electrical theory, use these writings - not conventional theory which will you then have to unlearn! There is a mathematical and algebraic basis to the Writings, but nothing that is too daunting for those who have had secondary school math.
Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity BOOK by Eric Dollard
Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity COMBO by Eric Dollard
Lone Pine Writings Part 2 by Eric Dollard
Lone Pine Writing Part 1 and 2 Combo by Eric Dollard
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor by Mark McKay Combo 1 and 2
Cosmic Induction Generator by John Polakowski

Eric Dollards Telluric Research
Extraluminal Transmission and Telluric Research Combo
Electrical Transmission in Multiple Coordinate Systems by Eric Dollard
Versor Algebra by Eric Dollard

Crystal Radio Initiative by Eric Dollard
Teslas Radiant Energy PDF
Teslas Radiant Energy Combo Pack $37
Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 3 by Paul Babcock
Magnetic Energy Secrets Parts 1 - 2 - 3 by Paul Babcock

Dynaflux Concept and Lenzs Law by Jim Murray
Dynaflux Full Combo by Jim Murray
Power of Aether by Eric Dollard
Versor Algebra Vol II by Eric Dollard
Versor Algebra Volumes I and II by Eric Dollard
Ignition Secrets Wasted Spark Solution by Aaron Murakami
Ignition Secrets Full Combo by Aaron Murakami
The Lords Pump Project by Al Throckmorton
Overunity Disclosure by Graham Gunderson
Floyd Sweets VTA by Graham Gunderson
Graham Gundersons combo pack OU and VTA
ECE Unified Theory of Physics by Dr Douglas Lindstrom
On the Art of Natural VLF Field Recording by Stephen McGreevy
On the Parallel Propulsion Researches of Tesla and JJ Thomson by William Lyne
William Lyne combo Flying Machine and Parallal Research
History Theory Practice Notebooks 4 and 5
Power of Aether Combo with Notebooks 4 and 5
History Theory Practice Notebooks 1 2 and 3
History Theory Practice Notebooks 1 to 5
From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning by Moray King
Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Field Experiments by Robert Haralick
Scotch Yoke Solenoid Motor by Aaron Murakami
 A Course in Mind Advanced Methods
 A Course in Mind Power Combo
Bourke Engine Documentary
Zero Force Motor by Yaro Stanchak
The Gold Magnet by Jeff Moe
Newman Motor Disclosure by Geoffrey Miller
Two Overunity Technologies by Dr. Paul LaViolette
Hacking the Aether by Aaron Murakami
Universal Medium by Paul Babcock
Mind over Matter by Prof. Robert Haralick
Musical Seismograph by Eric Dollard
Multiple Order Harmonics by James Robitaille
H2 Global by Walt Jenkins
Electricity Singularity by Al Francoeur
Poor Man Split Positive Battery Swapper by RS Stafford
High Voltage N Machine by Aaron Murakami
This is a video presentation on how to exponentially increase voltage in a homopolar generator. Homopolar generators produce high current but very little voltage. With this discovery, Aaron increases a homopolar generator voltage exponentially, to over 100 volts. This would make it practical. Homopolar generators are cheaper to build than standard generators in that they do not require wire windings, and they do not increase drag as you increase load consumption on the generator, which is an accepted problem on conventional generators. With this discovery, homopolar generators become practical!