Ongoing Development - Magnetic Heaters for Rooms

A Simple Concept

We are developing magnetic induction heaters that can be used as space heaters and later as a central combo type that can be used in a water based heater system. The concept is simple and elegant; the practical issues of component selection and mounting options are taking the time. The room heaters - at most the size of oil based heaters but could also be smaller - will the first to be produced and put up on this website next year. 

Energy Savings

The main concept is the ability to realistically have a magnetic heater in each normally sized room in a house and still be able to substantially reduce the total energy consumption over a conventionally located central boiler operating on a fossil fuel such as gas or oil.  A central based model will also be developed, that would heat water to go through radiators, but using only a conventional electrical outlet and yet have a substantial energy savings over a conventional boiler. This would be thermostatically controlled.  It consists of a water pump, a magnetic substructure, an electric motor, and connecting pipes and thermostat - a much simpler and safer system than gas based boilers. The room based heaters would be portable, without the water pipes and water pump. Just plug in, and turn on, and adjust the thermostat - much as with any other portable room heater, but working much more efficiently than any room heater you've seen before.

The price targets for the room heaters will be below $100. For the central boilers, it will be below $300.