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Dunball, Ltd. develops its own devices and products that you can install on your vehicle or building heating systems – anything that uses fuel. We have been operating since the 1990's, on the same website address ( but with ever evolving products. We also produce installation and construction manuals.Our most expensive manual only costs $12.99. Our products range from $15 to $300.

Type IV - Jaguar installation

Dunball guarantees specific minimum levels of efficiency gains for its products:

25% MPG increase for fuel vaporizers on vehicles

10% MPG increase for magnetic fuel line enhancers and water vaporizers

5% MPG increase for magnetic air intake enhancers

We are developing magnetic induction heaters that are targeting heating cost savings of 30-50% over gas boilers: this is planned for release early next year.

We ship products all over the world, at the lowest cost possible. Our manuals are delivered electronically.

Email any questions at, or fill the contact form below . Any general or specific questions about concepts, or our products, or how to proceed with getting energy savings out of any situation - please ask.